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PT. Serayu Multi Utama Lubrindo
PT. Serayu Multi Utama Lubrindo
Welcome to
PT. Serayu Multi Utama Lubrindo


PT. Serayu Multi Utama Lubrindo

PT SMU LUBRINDO as earned a good reputation to deserve the confidence of our World-Class Principals from around the world

The following premium and in novative products that we represent serve as testimony to this confidence. Many of these products are world leader in their respective field..


Readi-Write self-adhesive dry-erase rolls - USA

Specialized Services

Authorised and Exclusive Avon Inflatable Boat Service Centre for Indonesia
Customised Design, Fabrication and Installation of Signs and various Acrylic works

We stock and provide full after-sales service to all the products that we represent.

OF PT Serayu Multi Utama Lubrindo.

I wish to thank all our customers, dealers and principals for the confidence and support to our organization. Without you, we will not be what we are today.

I would like to reciprocate your support by meeting your needs at our best.

To our Customers: our mission is to bring a high level of satisfaction and service to you. This was the mission which started our company in 1968.

To our Dealers: Our objective is to build a stronger and closer bond for a mutually-profitable relationship to ensure satisfied customers.

To our Principals: We are privileged and proud to represent your products. Rest assured, we will strive to do our best to promote them in our market.

Additionally, it is our commitment to continuously improve the quality of our after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction.

We upgrade our infrastructure continuously to meet the growth of our business.
PT Serayu Multi Utama Lubrindo is proud to showcase her diverse product portfolio; We aim to represent innovative and technologically-advanced products world-wide.

We believe our customers deserve nothing but the best.

Our company staff are well-trained, experienced and dedicated in meeting our mission objective.

If we fail in anyway to satisfy your expectations, please do not hesitate to e-mail to my attention. As Group Chairman, I sincerely welcome your feedback.

We believe that by bringing the best for your comfort and lifestyle, we deserve the honor to have you as our customers.

And we also are agents for the various brands and Produck of lubricating oil and grease is one brand and become a mainstay of the brand that we are as follows:



0812 84 888 411
0815 460 21522

marketing manager


e- mail : smu.lubrindo@ yahoo.com

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